Jellyfish Sting Relief Solution


Jellyfish Sting Relief Solution

Jellyfish Sting Relief Solution - 1 oz.

1 oz.Bottle


Jellyfish Sting Relief Solution - 4 oz.

4 oz. Bottle

Developed to neutralize the stinging cells of jellyfish, our solution suspends any remaining pain causing nematocysts from firing. Rinse the injury with salt water only and apply our safe and effective sting solution for 3-5 minutes to de-activate the jellyfish sting and simply scrape away the pain. Re-apply if necessary.

For best results, apply OCS Jellyfish Sting Relief Solution as soon as possible following a jellyfish sting.

Convenient, go anywhere spray bottle made with medically recommended 5% acetic acid for best results.

Don't get stung without it !!

Available in 1 oz. and 4 oz. bottles.




How to use OCS Jellyfish Sting Relief Solution...

Our full line of marine sting products have been tested and proven effective..Lidocaine free, medically recommended 5% acetic acid and easy to use..Don't get stung without it!! Here's how to use our mixing, or filling bottles or unnecessary steps...spray it on and scrape away the's that easy and effective!!

  1. The untreated sting should not be rubbed or rinsed in fresh water…RINSE IN SALT WATER ONLY !! Remove visible tentacles with a stick, gloved hand or tweezers...Never touch the tentacle with a bare hand!!!!
  2. Apply Ocean Care solutions Jellyfish Sting Relief solution generously to cover the sting area without rubbing
  3. After 3-5 minutes, gently scrape using a flat, dull edge such as a credit card or driver’s license (anything flat with an edge) to remove the lotion. THIS IMPORTANT STEP REMOVES REMAINING STINGING CELLS LEFT ON THE SKIN !!!!
  4. Reapplication of OCS Jellyfish Sting Relief is recommended for any stinging cells that remain on the skin after the 1st. application..use twice for the Portuguese Man of War and use heat to 113 degrees (heat to skin tolerance without burning the skin) OCS Man o War First Aid kit is specially designed to have everything you need for the Man o War envenomation.
  5. If minor irritation or itching persists, treat with a hydrocortisone cream
  6. Always seek medical attention should symptoms persist or worsen


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